Latest Angrakha Dress Styles & Designs 2018 Collection


Hello, there beautiful people! Hope everyone is doing great. How are your days going? Well, this is the festive and wedding season. Are you done with your preparations yet?  No? then worry not, we have something exciting for you. We know you are worried about the styling and dressing but look no further we are here to help & guide you, How to style your dresses & rock your days this season! Today we are talking about Angrakha dress trends.  

Angrakha dress is a traditional dress worn specifically in the sub-continent area like in Pakistan, India & Bangladesh. It is one of those traditional dresses in women from old women to baby girls. All of them wear happily and can style on every occasion.  The fact is not hidden that Angrakhas have rocked the fashion industry since ages, it can never get old. Don’t you worry girls, The trend is not going anywhere this year too? We used to think this style is only for young women but no we were proved wrong when we saw women of every age and class totally slaying it. From kids to teenagers and from young girls to married women everyone can rock this style effortlessly.

Latest Angrakha Dress Fashion and Different Trends 2018-2019

Well, the basic style of Angrakha’s is that one side of the neckline overlaps and is tied to the left or right shoulder.  However, there is a variety in different styles from short to long, frocks to shirts. It is one of those styles that grab everyone’s attention immediately and can make anyone steal the show. With the being said, women are very complicated, they are way more complicated in dressing, I mean their way of dressing is one of the things they are really concerned about. They want their dress to mark up for eid or wedding occasion.

Let us take you through all the trendy styles of angrakha dress.  When in doubt, wear angrakha and trust us when we say this because you will always find a taste of this dress in different other styles like peplum, short frocks, long gowns, pishwas and you can go it up with ghararas, straight pants, and tulips. Quite a little more variations can make it brand new for you.  This style is always there to hold your back if you want to conceal your imperfections and do not want to expose which is what we love about it. Join us in discovering this dress style for casual wear, formal and even bridal wear.

Short Frock Style Peplum Angrakha Suit Designs:

As we have already mentioned Angrakha can go in so many cuts and trends. So, we are presenting you Short frock angrakha dresses.  We think these short frock style angrakhas seem more elegant than shirts, although this is our personal choice.

Also, you would find the taste of such pretty angrakha in short frocks, peplums etc that can be paired up with chooridaar pajamas, cigarette pants and also tulip pants. Even a short top like angrakhas can go really well with jeans. & we are not even kidding  😉 have a look at this gorgeous short frock angrakhas designs below.

Fancy Wedding Wear Bridal Angrakha Suit Designs:

Angrakha is not a casual thing. Its given preference from the Mughals time because it was in Mughals traditions that brides used to wear the royal angrakhas. The tradition is still going strong but in Pakistan, our brides don’t wear it as the legit tradition but as per their choice. Its one of those styles that bridal dresses, bridal gowns and bridesmaids wear it. Let us show you the blink of few of them.

You can make your angrakha bridal full-length frock or full umbrella gown or you can match the short angrakha’s shirt with lehenga/sharara or match it up with palazzo or you can make the long shirt with sharara. You have other options too, you can choose it to be your pishwas style angrakha or simple shalwar kameez style bridal angrakha. It will rock your day no doubt.

Long Gown Style Angrakha Designs:

Nowadays angrakha style long floor length or gown angrakha’s trend is very in. Which are especially worn on mehndi? This style gives you a very sober yet chic expression. We personally think this style is very classy. Are you noticing or is just us, every formal or party wear outfit has gold in it, ranging from less to more, but they do have gold in it. How can you expect a partywear or formal to rock it without even gold in it? Gold is everything, you guys! Long gown style angrakha dress is never out of fashion.

It gives you such a subtle look and gives you Mughal feels. Who doesn’t want to feel like a princess? Always say yes to this style whenever you feel less confident because we feel this will boost up your confidence immediately & you will feel royal. Although this one is totally filled up with heavy zari work on it you can keep it simple according to your choice. But the point is how can you not love tye-dye base which is complemented by this gold work. We totally adore this idea. Here are some Indian Bollywood Inspired designs!


Latest Angrakha Shirts Designs:

Although styling is being more and more modernized with the passage of time and always looking up to the mark it does not mean to stop owning your traditions, so the point is no matter whatever design you wear simple kameez style will always be an option there. 7 hey we all know how cool does shirt style aspect, I mean it’s so comfortable yet so classy! A cherry on the top will be angrakha design, what say? How about you style your eid dress in a simple angrakha style shirts & thank us later? 😉


Okay beautiful girls, here are some of the ideas how you can style your lawn outfits in angrakha style. You can pair these up with gharara pants, or with pajamas and jeans.  You’re gonna rock it either way!

Casual Angrakha Style Kurti & Tunics:

It’s not just a style its art and art can be expressed in many ways which ultimately enhances your inner beauty. Presenting you another way to rock your angrakha, that is casual kurtis & tunics. HEY, HEY who doesn’t like Kurtis? Can we take a moment to brag about how much we adore kurtis? KURTIS ARE LIFE!!! You at home? Kurti is there, going for shopping? Kurti is there, going to a family get together? Kurtiiiii, its blessed Friday? Kurti. Just  Take your kurti out & rock it. We are presenting you some uber chic design and tips that how can you rock your angrakha style kurti.

These are some of the designs that are living up to the hype of angrakha casual tunics/ kurtis. Most of the well-known brands of Pakistan like Zahra Ahmad have introduced their amazing casual wears in angrakha style. This style is so easy to carry, anyone can pick it up and rock it.

Beautiful Angrakha Pishwas Dress Designs:

I hope all of you must be aware of pishwas but if not let me tell you Pishwas is a long wide bottomed well-adorned frock which is worn by the women throughout the Asian countries and pishwas is a multi-panel angrakha which looks more or less like an Anarkali frock.

Do you remember there was a time when Indian actresses used to wear such Anarkali type angrakha on television & we all went crazy to get it as-is possible, I think that time it was more often known as “Akshara Frock” do you remember, don’t you? This style took the whole country by storm, I saw every other person wearing this style at almost every occasion, from parties to weddings & eids to family get together, everyone slayed it. & the good thing is you can still rock it, just take your old Anarkali frocks and style them with latest cuts and bring your inner designer out ( to be honest, all girls have hidden designers inside, don’t you think? 😛 ) and flaunt your pishwas angrakha & get ready to achieve countless compliments.

 Partywear/ Formals Angrakha Suits Designs :

The gorgeous work of motifz & brooches on these fantastic apparels make this style even more elegant, colorful & fancy that can be used as formal wear, party wear and on every occasion. Apart from these beads, perals, dimaontes and intricate embroideries compliment this style even more thus appreciated by every age of women, no doubt why angrakha is piece of modesty and art of traditional wear.  Go for wedding wear, party, get together you can easily pull off this look by wearing this gorgeous styles of angrakha party wears.

you want to go to best friend’s wedding & still thinking what to wear?  Then this dress is the answer. Just pair this heavily embellished angrakha styled peplum dress with tulip, just accessorize your look a little by wearing a statement piece of jewellery in neck & you are good to go. Here’s another look for you. We love everything peaches, do you? We think everyone do.  How about you choose peach and gold or peach and silver combination. The everlasting gorgeous combination of dusty gold & peach pink is always the best answer for your formal events.  You can pair it up with boot-cut pants, bell-bottom & even plazzo, The fine detailing of the outfit will be wonderfully adorned by your stunning look. Hey, accessorize yourself with dull gold chaandbaalis & beachy curvy hair will definitely compliment your look, just a friendly tip 😉

Maroon with dull gold is a perfect combination for any wedding ceremony.  If you want make a statement & stand out in a crowd then this one’s for you.  If you look on this outfit, the fine and modest work on it is making it more distinctive. You can pair it up with short peplum, short frock or short tip in angrakha’s cut, This look works either way.

Mayon Mehndi Angrkha Dress Styles:

For mayon mehndi functions, angrakhas are the best choice. Whether you can pair a short frock or peplum shirt with lehenga or go for the simple one. Are you a lively person? Then your soul must be colorful. why not take your inner butterfly out by wearing a rainbow outfit? How cool is that? Yes, we are talking about a multi-color outfit. The timeless combination of red & bottle green is always a win-win situation. Here you see, heavy red border on this light bottle green in complimenting this very intricate frock. If you pair it up with multicolor dupatta then you will definitely look like a show stopper!

Here comes very rare contrast of plum & gold. We don’t get to see this contrast more often but when we do, it never fails to stun us & just stay there totally impressed. This time its neither peplum/short frock not gown, it’s a simple angrakha dress with the heavy zarri network all over it with tassel on the angrakha overlap. Matching it with the gorgeous embroidered trousers. None can say no to this wonderfully amazing outfit.  No doubt it creates very alluring look if wear on a wedding or reception ceremony. As the outfit itself is heavy so make sure you wear very light accessories to complete your look.

Okay, beautiful ladies, that’s it for today! Hope you enjoyed it. Angrakha style will always make you stand out in the crowd & will definitely make you the reason of attraction for others and why not? It’s just that classy. You see it is not only for casual wears or daily wears it can be even flaunted on your big days like weddings and receptions if heavy embroideries or red gold color is added, it will always be the best option for bridals when designed with artistic work.  It must be the part of your wardrobe. do not forget to show your love because your feedback makes us better & motivated at the same time.


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