Latest Kids Formal Dresses- 16 Beautiful Princess Outfits for Little Girls


Children are the beauty of the life around us, as we see it. Their smiles, innocence and little mischiefs take our hearts our away. We adore them in all possible ways. Little girls catch more of our attention when they are beautifully adorned in pretty colorful frocks and dresses. Today, kids are more so in fashion than ever. Mothers all around the world look for the best possible dresses and matching accessories for their girls. When it comes to special occasions like parties, weddings and Eid celebrations, we do want our kids to stand out the most in their bright and dazzling dresses. This is the reason that entire clothing lines are now focused on kids wear. Experts and professionals design mesmerizing dresses for girls of young ages in all possible styles and in accordance to the ongoing trends. The palette is selected to keep in regard to the choice of the kids and their age. From sparkling lehengas with crop tops to fancy frocks and draping maxi, all options are available there to style your little ones. Here we are sharing the latest kids formal dresses for your little girls.

Latest Kids Formal Dresses- 16 Beautiful Princess Outfits for Your Little Girls

Well, it is equally confusing to shop for your kids as you shop for yourself. With so many options available and rising trends, it becomes a hard nut to crack. When it is about little kids, always look for the style but with comfort. Dresses which ensure both only can make both the mother and kids happy. So if you are a worrying mother, you care about style as much as for your girls as you care for yourself than you have just switched to a right place. As here we are about to discuss all the latest fancy wedding dresses for little girls. The great thing is, you can too carry the same style to walk in as the Mother-daughter matching Duo. Let not wait around and jump straight to the little world of style.

Here we are sharing the 16 beautiful & latest kids formal dresses trends that you can opt for weddings and formal events. By following these trends in the pictures you can easily dress up your little girls like a princess.

  1. Sparkling Lehenga Dress:

The dress is everything a girl can ask for. Even the little ones love the sparkles as much as we do. The colors are themselves mesmerizing and plus those gotta embroideries and shimmering work in golden, and silver is amazing. Such lehenga dresses are great for Mehndi, Mayoon or Sangeet nights. In fact, most mothers prefer something traditional for their girls on these special occasions. By changing color combination, you can also use this design for other sorts of occasions, like Barat or engagements. This dress is so complete in itself that you might not need any accessories for your daughter. A nice hairdo and some simple, colorful bangles will do great.

  1.  Metallic Baby Frock:  

Toddlers are hard to style, as they rarely feel comfortable in any fancy dress. Embroidered shimmers and lehenga etc. are not the right option for these. What they need is a simple and elegant frock dress which would be comfortable as well as pretty. This metallic dotted baby frock is one such example. It is great for toddlers or kids of very young ages. It is made out of light and draping silk mixed chiffon, so there won’t be any difficulty carrying it. Since the dress is more western and less traditional in outlook, there is no need for any jewelry, bangles or anything. Just pair it with a nice set of shoes and your kid will rock and roll.

  1. Cute Chiffon Maxi:

White looks so great on kids. It actually complements their great smiles and innocent faces. Girls in mystic white shades, do look like little fairies or angels. Moreover, with its neutrality, it suits all sorts of an event of the wedding occasion. So how about to try a voluminous maxi dress in white for your kid. It has a bit of the embroidery around the neck and rest is completely simple and super elegant. With a few hand bracelets, nice hairdo and fancy shoes this dress will make your girls look gorgeous. And if by any chance your kid is a fashion lover, she will adore to the dress to the core.

  1. Sublime Lehenga:  

Lehengas are girl’s favorites, they like the volume, those drapes and the flares.  The special thing about this lehenga is that is stitched with simple cuts and no excessive pleats so your kid will feel comfy carrying it around. With a sleeveless crop top with light intricate embroideries around the neckline, the dress can do wonders for your baby’s outlook. All you need is some matching or contrasting bangle to pair with the dress. The printed silk satin is itself so pretty and filling that there is no such need for heavy embellishments and this is what makes this dress so unique and special for the little girls.

  1. Pretty Pink & Sea Green Lehenga Kurti:

Another lehenga dress is here to take your breath away. It is a perfect display of shining and elegant pink, paired with a nice shade of blue. The sleeveless top of the dress is fully embroidered with thread work on the netted base. Whereas the lehenga is crafted out of blue jamawar which is bordered with gleaming lace around the entire span of the lehenga. This complete package is further paired with a plain pink dupatta, so your daughter will simply love it.

  1. Floral Belt Baby Dress:  

Flowers are a great way to spark up the beauty of a girl and when the entire frock is adorned with nothing but flowers, you will be amazed at the display. This pretty chiffon frock is not embellished in the traditional sense, rather crafted with a contrasting blue silk belt and bright and prominent roses and other flowers. The combination is so soft and mellow that it can suit to any decent celebrations. However, such a frock can well suit to the events like Valima or engagements. Pair it with nice metallic shade pumps and a nice floral tiara hairdo and your girl will look no less than a fashion diva.

  1. Purple Princess Frock Forever:

Girls in long and flowing maxis, look amazing. And when it is there fairytale purple, then the dress becomes irresistible. This dress too has the best possible combination for little girls. It’s all purple, embellished with a nice shade of ivory. From belt to intricate embellishments, everything is in ivory. They bodice is highlighted with the embroideries whereas the rest is plain chiffon with loaded pleats and lots of volumes. The ankle length maxi frock is sleeveless and carries no heavy work. Give your kid a comfort she desires and a style she dreams. Make her the fairytale princess she ever thought of.

  1. Elegant Bow Belted Kids Dress:

Belt frock can never go old when it comes to kids. The girls look great with nicely shaped frock crafted with prominent belts and an additional bow. The color of this dress is commendable due to the epic sophistication and the elegance. With no embroideries, the designer ha nailed the style with self-embedded patterns and prints. That shimmering silver and white brooch on the belt bow is nicely balancing out the simplicity of this frock. It has some diffused pleats which are adding a great volume to the frock. And the neckline is bordered with a delicate white sparkling lace.

  1. Girly Baby Pink Palette Outfit:

Such a mix of pink is great to put smiles on your baby’s face. The frock has a blend of plain silk and voluminous printed and embroidered flares. It has front only belt is diffusing into the shades of the bodice whereas the frock drapes are adding up to contrast to the dress. It has embossed floral work which is covering the entire drapes of the frock. With so much emphasis on the frock, you can pair with a plain bottom like pink tights to complete the outlook.

  1. Bronze Flower Shimmery Frock:

Such an elegant selection of the colors. The dress will make your kid popular among all, it looks like a fancy diva is carrying style to the fullest, and when it is paired with such an adorable smile, it gives you a big ‘aww’ from everyone. Well, let’s fall for this dress a bit more. Its silk flower is absolutely gorgeous which is positioned perfectly to mark the waistline. Even the bodice is all plain silk, but those overlapped pleats are sparking a new style in it.

  1. Mellow Peachy Princess Frock:

Little girls in frocks are the prettiest sight of the world. Especially when it’s some peachy pink shade paired with soft white. Such is the case with this knee-length frock. There are no extra embroideries, but some flowers and lacework are doing a great job. The flares of the frock are bordered with a nice applique work in white.

  1. Gorgeous Long-tailed Dress:  

This long-tailed floral beauty will instantly turn your little ones into a style icon and a pretty princess in blue. Your kid will forget about the famous Disney starlet Elsa, once you will adorn them in this amazing voluminous dress. It has prominent embossed white flowers which are creating an exhilarating contrast with the rest of the dress. The silk satin used to craft the dress is helping to create pretty drapes and a nice volume. Pair with a fancy pump and your kids will be ready to flaunt her pretty smile.

13. 3-D Embellished Long-tail Gown:

For a birthday party or any special event, you can design a baby pink tale gown with 3-d embellishments like flowers, crystals, pearls, beads, etc. Also, include some lace patchwork on embroidered net stuff for flare.

14. Royal Blue Sleeveless Bow Frock:

You can design an outfit having printed and plain chiffon fairy frock for your little girl for a party or wedding. Include a silk ribbon bow or a dough flower at the center.

15. Eastern Red Gharara Dress:

To create a pure eastern look for a wedding you can design a red gharara outfit with golden embroidery work. You can choose tilla, gotta or simple lacework on the gharara suit.

16. Front Open Jacket Style Sherwani Dress with Turban:

If you want something different and unique then you can go for a front open jacket style outfit with buttons and embroideries. Pair with the pajama and traditional khussa. Further, you can add a turban to enhance the ethnic look.

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