Latest Wedding Party Wear Dresses Trends- 25 Amazing Designs


With the changing trends, comes the need of switching to the new labels, styling, and makeovers. Party wear dresses need most of our attention as life gets boring without some sparkles and dazzling colors. The recent wave of revival has sent a message to all that is elegance at every step. This is the reason that every other wardrobe collection you witness, every other fashion walk you see and all the clothing labels you adore shows the same. Use of soft colors in embroideries, prominent cuts, visible flares, silky drapes and voluminous pleats, the astounding features of contemporary fashion styles. Formal party wear dresses are the only preferable option to try for all sorts of traditional celebrations, be it wedding events, college parties, farewells, dinners, Eid or other occasions. With so many events in line, we need a collection of immense variety. Today, style is not bound to any single form of an outfit, rather diversity is the need of the hour. Unless you are not experimenting with your looks, you won’t be bringing out the best in you. Creativity and style always go hand in hand and this is what –party wear dresses should be all about.  Experiment wildest colors with exotic embroideries and funkiest cuts. Let’s discuss the Latest Wedding Party Wear Dresses Trends.

Latest Wedding Party Wear Dresses Trends 2018

This year party dresses will open you to all the possible options, from skirt lehengas to desi sarees, short tops, peplums with boot cuts, sharara trousers, maxi dresses and frocks. If you don’t find that enticing enough then the rest of the article will take to the wonders of the fashion world and surprise you with the epic sophistication of the dresses. Here we have tried to bring all the diversities into a single frame to cover all the trending party wear styles. Each apparel can be taken a reference and then you can add variation to its colors, embroideries, and lengths. Here we are sharing the 25 amazing Designs of Latest Wedding Party Wear Dresses Trends. Scroll hard and find out more:

25 Amazing & Latest Wedding Party Wear Dresses Trends:

Here we are sharing the most beautiful collection of 25 party dresses designs. Hope you will love all of them.

  1. Elegant Red Saree:

This colors of red are so unique that the palette itself is binding for the sight. The use of light and falling net is making this saree exquisite. As the fabrics of the entire saree are interwoven with embedded lacework there are no embossed or visible contrasting embroideries. The bright and vivid saree is paired with a simple plain red sleeveless blouse which is balancing the outlook of the dress.

  1. Short Elegant Peplum:

Since peplum are loved by all and have been in trend for quite some now, this peplum, in particular, is standing out due to its nice pale color the short length. When paired with a plain bellow trouser, it gives a captivating appeal. The top is intricately embroidered using fine works in zari and dabka. The borders of the peplums are subjected to uneven cuts which are syncing with the simple bottom.  

  1. Stunning & Simple Black Party Dress:

The most opted choice for any formal setting is the dress in black. The dress is the portrayal of epic sophistication due to the balanced use of embroideries around the neckline and the front of the shirt. The front is filled with embedded black thread work and the neckline work is loaded with zari and zardozi. This mix of heavy and light embellishments is complemented with net sleeves and simple net dupatta. Such dresses are great for formal dinners and night events.

  1. Short Belted Frock:

A good belt dress is great for a party wear and when adorned with gleaming embroideries and a striking red dupatta it becomes irresistible. Thisparty dress, in particular, is a bright and shining one as the embellishments are in pretty ivory with a mix of delicate work in white. This dress too has light and plain sleeves which are creating a nice combo with scarlet red dupatta. The bottom is simple and straight, thus highlighting the beauty of the top.

  1. Desi Brilliance:

A traditional to the couture is always desirable when the celebrations are traditional like a mehndi night or mayoon celebration. This special dress is perfect for the occasion. The short length top is style into an angarkha and paired with a loose and baggy tulip shalwar. The color combination is fascinating to the core. Crafted in net, the entire length of the dress is loaded decent colorful embroideries. The bottom is made of plain olive green silk.

Latest Wedding Party Wear Dresses Trends

  1. Front Open Short Shirt Style:

Emblem of grace, this dress is for all the classy ladies out there. It has all the cuts in proportion. The shirt is a front open upper with a plain shorter inner. Soft and mellow beige is highlighted with embroideries encircling the borders of the upper and the sleeves. The chevron printed trouser is tastefully complementing the combination. With elegant jewelry and delicate footwear, the apparel can amplify your outlook.

  1. Trendy Long Angrakha Frock:

The bright and alluring white has the special place in our hearts. It is loved for its neutrality. It can suite to almost any occasion which the use of different embroideries and color combinations. But here we are offering you an all-white dress with full angarkha touch. The dress is full-length body couture with light embroideries bordering the front length of the slits. The Dori ridden neckline is paired with the embroideries of the bottom.

Latest Wedding Party Wear Dresses Trends

  1. Maroon Satin Silk Frock:

We can never get enough of the pretty long maxi frocks with a little dose of shimmering embroideries. This royal red satin silk frock is one such type which can hold you by your sight. Its bodice is crafted distinctly and the embroideries are focused around the waistline. Floral patterns in glittering silver and white are quite uplifting the theme of the dress. It is best for weddings as well as the farewell parties or other evening occasions.

  1. Embroidered Shawl Dress:

This pretty dress is going to garner all the raises for you due to the gleaming embroideries. The dupatta is rather a full-length shawl covered with the embedded work in zari, zardozi, and dabka. A shirt is designed in shades of greys and is covered with the same shade of adornments thus giving a very graceful outlook to the overall dress.

  1. Embroidered Net Lace Lehenga:

New age comfy lehengas are on the rise. They are the mix of skirt and a traditional lehenga, so have a very unique outlook. It goes well with the crop tops which can be embroidered around the sleeves and the necklines.

  1. Long Shirt Lehenga:

The richly embroidered lehenga will instantly catch your eyes due to the vividness of palette used and the fine embroideries of a top of it. It is furthermore complemented with dark black top in net. The light and delicate upper is lined with an alluring jamawar inner underneath.

  1. Ivory catching the Eye:

Some shades have their way of setting up the mood of the event and this one of them.  This combination can be a great choice for the bride’s maids. The crop top perfectly fits the curves of the body and gives an appealing outlook with the voluminous silk lehenga.

  1. Peach In Net and Silk:

If the coleus itself isn’t enticing enough then the pretty nice embellishments will bind your sight. The monochromatic silk lehenga is adorned with a prominent net work on top. The layer of organza above silk is what gives the most volume to the dress.

Latest Wedding Party Wear Dresses Trends

  1.  Plain Silk Dress with Heavy Dupatta:

There can be no better manifestation of simplicity than this dress. These days, plain silk dresses are creating a havoc when paired with a fancily embroidered dupatta or similarly crafted upper. Such is the case with this dress.

  1. Light Pastel Color Party Suits:

Let your style flaunt with the shades of pastels this season. The light and comfy net fabrics can be used over embellishments. You can also add volume to create some extra drapes and falls. The bodice is adorned with pretty silver embroideries. Look at this fancy short frock and amazing white saree.

  1. Embroidered Belted Peplum Dress:

Peplum is great at highlight the natural curves of the body and thus liked by most of the women. It so greatly fits every body type and ends making you look more gorgeous. This peplum is serving the same purpose with its embedded belt, flared bottom and decent bodice.

  1. Fancy Embroidered Shirt:

Sometimes a little contrast is always great to catch the limelight. This striking use of blue with blue will do the same for you. It is simply attractive and inspiringly beautiful. The base colors are sparked by the use of silver and white embroideries.

Latest Wedding Party Wear Dresses Trends

  1. Front Open Jacket Style Shirt:  

Another beige is going to make you go WOW with its epic simplicity. This one has cigarette trousers in gleaming jamawar and the long chiffon front open shirt is designed with extended floral patterns.

  1. Archetypal Peplum Lehenga:

Bring life to any event with this beautifully designed lehenga dress best for party wear. The archetypal peplum style is loaded with the fascinating embroideries in bronze and black. Same is the shade of the bottom thus sparking a wonderful contrast.

  1. Long Sleeveless Silver Maxi:

There are fewer dresses which bring the class and elegance together in a dress without much of the extra work. This maxi dress is the one, which is simple enough to carry to any formal event with pretty accessories.

Latest Wedding Party Wear Dresses Trends

  1. Coat Style Party Dress:

Coat style dresses are rare to find in a wedding event. As of today, they are gaining much popularity due to the fits and stitches of these dresses.

Latest Wedding Party Wear Dresses Trends

  1. Pastel Blue Sharara Dress:

A very soft and pleasing combination is captured in this party dress. The angrakha shirt is heavily embellished with stones and lots of embroideries. It is paired with pearl sprayed net sharara pants. Such colors look amazing in events like engagements, Valima or Mehndi.

Latest Wedding Party Wear Dresses Trends

  1. Shimmering Belt Party Dress:

This belted gown will make you look like a diva on the floor as it has all the prerequisites of such a dress. From fancy embroideries to the right fabrics. It looks like stars are set on the display. Perfect for weddings and parties to make a statement.

  1. Long Slit Sleeve Maxi Frock:

Long sleeved maxi dresses have been in trend for quite long now but now slit sleeve outfits are also very famous. They look so chic as well as contemporary. This purplish plum color satin silk maxi frock with fancy details on the neckline looks so delightful.

Latest Wedding Party Wear Dresses Trends

  1. Long Side Cut Party Suit:

This long sidecut dress is a perfect depiction of simplicity needs no boundaries. Nowadays side slit is very much popular and it looks hot as well. Without the use of much embroidery, the apparel is indeed looking mesmerizing.

Latest Wedding Party Wear Dresses Trends

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