Maria B Latest Fancy Embroidered Dresses Collection 2018


One collection which is greatly anticipated most by the women from all across Pakistan is Maria B’s exclusion embroidered series of apparels. True to the core, Maria B is the name of excellence and quality in the world of Pakistani fashion. The brand enjoys great repute among the public and the celebrities. The immensity of ideas, creativity, and innovation all found in the line, is what attracts most of its customers. From formal wears to casual wears, the signature designs are indeed awe-inspiring. The embroidered collection, in particular, is most commendable because of the elemental sophistication it carries along with the diverse palette.  Here we are sharing the Maria B Latest Fancy Embroidered Dresses including the 12 amazing designs.

Maria B Latest Fancy Embroidered Dresses Designs Collection 2018-2019

This year too, Maria B is making its way to our hearts through its profound embroidered collection of 2018. Launched with great hopes and love, this exquisite is going to cater to the needs of every woman, whether young or old, single or married, housewife or working women. Embroideries are used in complete balance which suits can to the wardrobe for traditional celebrations to the formal party events. As a matter of fact, I wore an embroiderie recently on a holiday I spent in a great villa on Koh Samui. Hues are not very loud and neither too mellow. There are an appeal and spark in this collection which is being appreciated by many experts and professionals. You too will acknowledge the beauty of every piece and every suit, just when you take a quick glance of them. So let’s jump ahead and find the best of the Maria B Latest Fancy Embroidered Dresses 2018:

  1. Kasni Pistachio:

Pistachio is a color which mimics great neutrality and suits every one irrespective of the age. And its duo with typical Kasni color is already famous among women for irresistible appeal. To why no mesmerize rest with the effeminate beauty of this dress. It has embroidered with great details and depth all over the breadth of the fabrics, thus giving a dimensional effect to the shirt. It is basically crafted in light net with loads of lacework and border embroideries. There is an extra emphasis on the sleeves and the neckline which are highlight through the good use of the embroideries.

  1. Black Beige:

This is a great style we can never get tired of. Skirt lehenga with the crop is the gift of the recent fashion revolution, and we do adore it to every extent. Such a dress can suit to your wedding or party couture needs. That use of embroideries, huge motifs, the embedded cuts and net sleeve are all simply magnificent and needs no big description. The softness of the dress is complemented with the star-studded black net dupatta which is bordered with gleaming tassel lace in ivory. With no use of heavy necklaces or other sorts of jewelry, you can pull off a great look out of this dress.

  1. Grey to Black:

Before discussing the intricacies of this dress, let’s first praise the fine artistry used to craft its amazing dupatta in black which is flooded with embossed shimmers in silver.  It is so catchy in its outlook, that it alone can garner you all the praises you dream of. Well, the suit inside is much more appealing and full of proportionate embroideries covering the borders, neckline and the sleeves. The shirt follows are diffusing theme with vivid ombre from grey to black. It is all crafted it chiffon and has a very fine thread work covering the span of the fabrics.

  1. Regal and Green:

Upper style dresses with such fits and curves give us a most elegant outlook. It is designed especially in velvet to instigate a bright regal touch and to match the royal embroideries in shades of white, silver, golden and light greens and blues. The work in zari and zardozi is amplifying the beauty of the borders. Front slit is lined with loaded lace in contrasting hues. To balance it all out the bottom is plain jamawar and the inner is monochromatic blue. So whether you keep the upper open or closed the suit will make you roll.

  1. Anarkali Maroon:

From quite a time we haven’t seen Anarkali frocks mainstreamed in the fashion circles but Maria B has relaunched with epic fascination and mesmerizing colors combinations. It has all of your favorite combos, from maroon to orange and the green. It also intricates Kali’s joining the bodice of the frock with the heavily embellished border. The classical Anarkali dress is designed out of chiffon, with dabka and zari embroideries covering the bodice and neckline in perfection. The great part is the uplifting contrast of the frock with its mandarin embroidered sleeves and the matching dupatta. All of this complemented with a shining straight trouser bottom in jamawar.

  1. Mellow Diva:

Next in line is the epic display of style on the rise. It manifests the ongoing fashion craze for bright and mellow summer shades. Loaded with tassels around the borders, the sleeves, and the dupatta, this dress is a complete style package for you. Further, the plain span of the lightweight chiffon is adorned with the soft shades of pink, blues and move. Such embroideries are designed with loads of thread work with no apparent shine or shimmer. Thus it all adds to make it super amazing and captivating. For the bottom, there is a good option in tulip style with nice organza lining in white.

  1. Loud Crimson:

If you want to peak into the magnificence of our rich past and vibrancies of the ongoing trends, then this dress is the right option for you, as it mixed the two with the amalgamation of its colors with the mesmerizing embroideries. The shirt is straight and simple, with medium length and loads of embellishment in silver. To complement the use of silver in abundance, the bottom itself is designed with jamawar embedded with graphite silver. The dupatta in crimson red is a major attraction which binds your sight. Very light and delicate use of scattered embroideries on dupatta is rightfully balancing everything out.

  1. Silk in Teal:

Not known to many, teal is the shade of great grace and sophistication. Hence mostly used in all the amazing collections, designed by the best of the clothing line. Maria B is also making excellent use of this shade by incorporating it in a beautiful silk dress with a ton of embroideries. The silk shawl of the dress is catchy which has self-embedded prints in golden and shades of purple. The dress, however, contains embroideries with its light shades to enhance the contrast. The bottom is again simple and plain with no sharp cuts or fits.

  1. Chiffon Peplum:

This peplum can prove to be a great wedding celebration couture. It has all the infused embroideries in lacework, zari, dabka, and zardozi. And look so elegant due to the use of softer shades and no vivid contrast. Borders of the peplum are highlighted with colorful tassels in green and red. Yes, the same hues which are incorporated in the long shawl dupatta. What is making this peplum more special is the bellow bottoms which are plain yet sparkling due to the choice of the fabrics. It has self-embossed monochromatic patterns.

  1. Dazzling Peach Saree:

Sarees are the real charm of the traditional eastern couture, and no wardrobe is complete without some classic saree. Keep this consideration in mind; Maria B has brought out this amazing net saree in peach which dazzles you with the delicacy of its fabrics and the depth of its embroideries.  The fronts and the back drapes of the dress are bordered with extended embroideries in white and silver. And to complement this combination, the blouse is designed in pure silver white with little use of peach in its embroideries. This full sleeved blouse and saree give you a perfect option to style yourself for any special event, be It Valima, Barat or other parties.

  1. Ankle Length Frock:

Let’s go traditional with this aesthetically designed ankle length maxi frock. The volume is matched with drapes, and the embroideries are paired with the duo of hues. Long shawl and Churidar pajama, will tell you all about the richness of this dress and its connection to the most traditional roots of our eastern couture.

  1. Ombre Green with Silver:

Owing to the modern shift towards the voluminous bell bottoms, short length shirts, and funnel sleeves, this dress is being particularly designed. Its ombre dupatta in blue-green needs much attention. With minimal work and maxima color, it is rightly balancing the softness of the dress in graphite.

  1. Majestic Brown:  

Bold and archetypal, this brown dress is the depiction of a rich regal architecture of the past. Embroideries matching the murals and the prints connecting the neckline with the borders. It is also paired with a jamawar bottom which as infused patterns in shimmers. The sleeves are bellow and designed with many efforts, ending at rounded brown beats.

  1. Loose cuts in Maroon:

This black and maroon dress in chicken fabrics is the best party dress. It has loose cuts with open sleeves and simple button boat neckline cut. The maroon center is bordered with broad lack work around the sleeves and shirt. The trouser is following the same pattern and is printed with such prints in monochrome. You can carry it to all sorts of formal parties and dinners.

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